- Nov 2022 - Present

- Product Designer

- Product Thinking
- Affinity Mapping
- Competitive Analysis
- Persona
- User Journey Mapping
- Conceptual Modeling
- Storyboarding
- Workflow
- Information Architecture
- Site Mapping
- Prototyping
- Interaction Design
- User Interface Design
- Cross-functional

- Figma
- Jira
- Slack
Company Overview

We exist to help answer “what do *I* want to do here right now,” as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Daze recommends the best spontaneous things to do for millions of travelers based on their personal tastes and interests. We help our travelers experience the moment.

Team & My Role

Among our team of 12 consisting of Product Lead, Engineerings, Conduct Strategist and Project Manger, I am the only designer. As such, I am responsible for the entire end-to-end design process and participate directly in product strategy definition.


Because this is an ongoing project within a startup, most of what I do is confidential, but if we were to have an interview we could talke more.

Zhaohui Zhao